My One-On-One Exclusive

Casually grabbing a glass on wine and an EXCLUSIVE.

If you know me – you know I’m the Ultimate fan of The Gypsy Sister and for that reason have been authorized by The Gypsy Sister herself to operate the ONLY fan page out there LEGALLY given the official OK to post fan content.

I also had the chance to catch up with the Gypsy Sister at one of her favorite spots a few days ago to get the scoop behind GILFtok, OnlyFans, and why she is who she is.


Celeste: Let’s start with the basics. We know you’re a Grandma. Sorry, I mean, a GiGi. But how old are you?

(OK, I know the answer, because I follow her blog, but this is for those who don’t).

The Gypsy Sister (T.G.S.): I’m 45. Just had my birthday September 27th! A bit youngish for a GiGi, but I started young and so did my daughter.

Celeste: And to get personal, since I just asked you how old you are… how does your family feel about your social media fame?

T.G.S.: They’re haters actually. It’s not that we don’t get along and get together, but they are not big fans. I am comfortable enough with myself and old enough to do what makes me happy though.

Celeste: Oh yeah? Has there every been a particular post or viral tiktok they disapproved of?

T.G.S.: Not a specific one that comes to mind. They hated my selfies and left disapproving comments on them long before I had more than a few hundred followers, or before selfies were really even a thing.

We paused here ::off the record:: laughing about some funny comments friends and family shared on our respective posts over the years.

Celeste: So I take it that you’ve been posting content that is… self-esteem boosting, I guess you would say? For a long time?

T.G.S.: I would not say that I’ve always had the same level of confidence that I have now. It is something I’ve developed over time, but I’ve always had a thick skin when people give me negative feedback and never let that stop me from doing something I wanted to do. I also think if you feel good about yourself, you should display it.

Celeste: How did you make the leap from posting selfies to making tiktoks?

T.G.S.: It wasn’t that I had any kind of business plan or strategy. I liked the platform, found it entertaining, and when I began releasing my own content people started following. I think with anything like that, when you have people following you… you get this feeling like you have to keep producing content and it becomes enjoyable. It’s a form of mutual engagement.

Celeste: So then the even bigger stretch. You know what’s coming, right?

The Gypsy Sister smiles.

T.G.S.: I know. OnlyFans was more strategic. I was already engaging tons of people on tiktok and it was flooding over to my Instagram. I was receiving tons of messages, especially, of course, from men who wanted personal attention. I wanted to provide the attention, because I appreciate my fans, but I have tons of professional obligations and personal obligations as the fulltime caregiver to my grandson. So I started reading and researching about how OnlyFans worked and decided that was the most strategic way to provide the personal engagement my followers were seeking.

Celeste: And, did it work?

T.G.S.: For the most part, it’s been amazing. On the other hand, almost every day a fake profile of me pops up on one platform or another and I find out that fake person is trying to scam a fan out of money by pretending to be me.

Celeste: Oh, yikes. Have you been able to confront any of these posers?

T.G.S.: My agent or lawyer shuts them down, but it’s upsetting to know people will try to take advantage of other people using my identity. 

Celeste: On a lighter note, and to end things on something fun. What’s the most interesting gift you’ve received from a fan?

T.G.S.: ::LAUGHTER:: A 12 inch dildo, a letter listing 100 reasons why I should date this guy, a box of G-Strings…

Celeste: OK! I said THE most interesting gift!